Jakarta Government Control and Direction

Due to the recent discovery of considerable waste accumulation along Kali Angke in West Jakarta, the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta stays attentive and watchful over citizen activities. This shows the government’s dedication to environmental protection, cleanliness, and resident well-being.

Heru Budi Hartono, Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta, gave a directive Wednesday while visiting Rusun Muara Baru, Pluit, Penjaringan, North Jakarta. He stressed the need for urgent and decisive action on this environmental catastrophe.

Visualized Activities and Acquisition

arly Wednesday morning showed significant activity in the impacted areas. The Aladin Baru Street market full of secondhand things collected by residents and businesses. From Kali Angke to RPTRA Kalijodo, this lively market covered the area.

These operations resulted in an unattractive waste and abandoned item pile. The gorgeous Kali Angke banks were marred by litter, rubbish, and abandoned items. Who allowed the installation of used goods stalls and the overflowing market in Pejagalan, Penjaringan?

Dedication to Pollution Reduction in Jakarta

Despite these worries, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has pledged to eliminate Kali Angke water contamination. This vow is tied to the Penjaringan Forest City Water Treatment Plant (IPA), which supplies clean water to the city’s citizens, using these waters as a raw material.

Heru stressed the gravity of the situation by saying that PT Jakarta Propertindo (Perseroda), the organization in charge of IPA Forest City, must reduce water pollution.

Shared Pollution Reduction Responsibility

However, tackling Kali Angke pollution requires common responsibility. Local community members and the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta at the municipal level collaborate on this project.

Heru explained that the Mayor will oversee a gradual approach. The devotion to environmental preservation and cleanliness supports Kali Angke’s water quality and the city’s safe and clean water supply.

Cooperation with Local Authorities

The provincial government and the authorities of the municipalities work together on the demand for immediate action. This demonstrates their dedication to swiftly addressing the accumulation of junk and putting in place effective waste management in the vicinity of this essential water supply.

Heru brought the conversation to a close by highlighting the collaborative character of the endeavor, saying, “The Mayor will manage this step-by-step. It is each of our shared responsibilities to keep our water supplies clean and protected. We have the power to make a difference if we work together.

Using unwavering determination, rigorous oversight, and a collective sense of duty, the government and the people of Kali Angke collaborate on efforts to preserve the area’s natural beauty and ensure its continued viability for future generations.


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