Jason Chan

Singapore’s legal community welcomes a new leader as Jason Chan takes the helm as the President of the Law Society of Singapore. With a distinguished career and a commitment to advancing the legal profession, his appointment marks a significant moment in the legal landscape.

Jason Chan’s Background

Jason Chan brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having served in various capacities within the legal profession. His extensive knowledge and insights will be instrumental in guiding the Law Society.

Leadership Priorities

As the new President, Jason Chan is expected to set forth a clear vision and priorities for his term. These may encompass issues such as legal ethics, professional development, and access to justice.

Navigating Legal Challenges

Singapore’s legal community faces a range of challenges, including adapting to evolving legal technologies and addressing the legal needs of a diverse and dynamic society. Jason Chan’s leadership will play a crucial role in steering the profession through these challenges.

Engaging with Stakeholders

Effective leadership within the Law Society often involves close collaboration with stakeholders, including legal practitioners, policymakers, and the public. Building consensus and fostering dialogue will be key aspects of Jason Chan’s role.

Preserving Legal Excellence

Singapore is known for its legal excellence, and the Law Society plays a pivotal role in upholding these standards. Jason Chan’s presidency will contribute to the continued advancement of Singapore’s legal profession.


Jason Chan’s appointment as the new President of the Law Society of Singapore marks a momentous milestone for the nation’s legal community. With a wealth of experience and a prove track record of dedication to the legal profession, he is well-equip to steer the course towards a brighter future. Under his guidance, we can anticipate a host of innovative initiatives and strategic developments that will not only uphold the esteemed standards of the legal field but also adapt it to the ever-evolving demands of our society. Jason’s leadership will undoubtedly serve as a beacon, guiding legal professionals towards higher levels of excellence and reaffirming Singapore’s position as a global legal hub. His tenure promises to be a time of transformation and progress, fostering a legal landscape that is both dynamic and responsive to the needs of our rapidly changing world.

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